Why Paperless141

As one of the key industry first systems for managing the operations of Flight Schools and clubs, Paperless141 sets itself apart from all others in many ways. We are not just a web site based application, we do not just show database information and allow data entry. Paperless141 is truly a full front to back, end-to-end system solution incorporating capabilities and functions far beyond what any website can offer.

The process of obtaining Part 141 Certification for a school can be a daunting task. Paperless141 has been in the business of helping schools obtain Part 141 Certification and authoring custom written Training Course Outline (TCO) submission packages for our customers since 2004. We have guided over 100 schools through their successful Part 141 Certification process. We have the experience and knowledge to help your school attain Part 141 Certification with very minimal effort on your school’s part and at no cost to your school. This is a service we provide to our customers as part of our customer support suite.

The full Paperless141 system solution includes optional physical facilities hardware integrated within the system for various functions such as facility access by integrating automatic controls of the door locks of the school/office doors. This includes full logging and reporting of all those granted and denied accesses directly within the system itself.

For those schools or clubs that desire even more autonomous operations the Paperless141 system solution incorporates optional custom Aircraft Key lockers for controlling the distribution and management of aircraft keys.

For the convenience of Pilots and Students the Paperless141 system supports the acceptance of all modern forms of payments, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, many forms of NFC cards, Chip Cards and of course standard magnetic swipe cards for credit and debit processing.

Many Paperless141 customers have needs for securely handing cash transactions from their students and pilots. For these situations the Paperless141 system integrates industry standard cash drawers for the processing of cash payments for aircraft rentals, instructional payments and of course for the Paperless141 built-in point of sale applications for pilot supplies and other store inventories.

The shear diversity of documentation, logging and authentications required by flight schools requires a multitude of authorizations and certification levels. The paperless141 system is not limited to merely using “names/passwords” as signatures, we also offer for those customers that can find it beneficial, the incorporation of digital signatures for high-quality biometric and forensic capture of the same integrity level as the banking industry.

Here are just a few other capabilities that set Paperless141 aside from just simple web apps.


Extensive training records for all student’s whether Part 61 or Part 141 down to the per lesson maneuver level with fully tabular and graphic progress reporting and flight logging.  Built-in curricula for Sport through Commercial and all Instructor ratings based on fully editable Industry standard course syllabi libraries for Single Engine and Multi-Engine fixed wing and Rotorcraft.  Full support of custom course integrations for specialty courses such as NVG, Long Line and the like.  Fully integrated CFI proficiency and currency processing and reporting.  All records and entries securely authenticated via multi-method electronic signatures.  Built-in full FAA knowledge Test question databases for integrated stage exam administration within the system as well as a customer driven question editor for the knowledge test database.  Automated Part 141 conformity inspection reporting co-designed with guidance from 212 FAA Inspectors. Full Document Library for all required Part 141 School documents, annals and archives. Full support and reporting of course enrollments, graduations, knowledge test results, stage check knowledge test results, knowledge test bank question efficiencies and all practical test results.


Fully automated live synchronization and integration with all popular standard industry based calendars.  E-Mail and Text Message notifications of schedule additions, modifications and cancellations.  Extensive support for many schedule options, overlays, recurrences, ride-alongs, automated weather shifts, categorizations, color codings and status displays.  Mode selection for real-time flight tracking display utilization.  Scheduling authorization controls interleaved with currencies, proficiencies, insurance requirements, student endorsement status’, pilot financial account status, immigration and Visa status. Remote support for Aircraft Squawk administration, submission, review and registration. Full function portal for pilots and instructors for account and flight histories, account administration and credit card payment processing. Individually customizable graphical preferences and filtering.  Support for Dispatcher interface and functions and multiple airport and office locations and operations.


The Paperless141 Maintenance system is fully integrated with the Scheduling, Training and Accounting sections of the Paperless141 system.  Full support for Paperless141 Work Orders and Purchase Orders for internal and external aircraft is also integrated with QuickBooks for liabilities to vendors and W2 and 1099 labor costs and billing processing.  Aircraft definitions inclusive of all rental billing, activity tracking and automated leaseback liability processing, multi-level rental tier structure as well as per pilot custom fixed billing for contracted rate processing.  Allows for tracking, projecting, processing and reporting all maintenance interval activities ranging from annuals to cycle counts to ADs and service bulletins and navigation database system updates and registration expiration.  Full support for Part 145 repair station requirements.  Aircraft parts inventory management and control supporting both general stock inventory as well as aircraft dedicated inventory for individual aircraft.  Complete tabular and graphical fleet status reporting updated automatically at every aircraft related activity that changes the Tach or Hobbs meter as well as maintenance forecasting capabilities.  Time saving aircraft logbook editable sticker generation and complete maintenance history reporting.


The primary portal for Pilots, Students and CFIs to the system designed to be implemented normally or as a kiosk.  Primary functions include aircraft check in and check out, Aircraft Maintenance portal, aircraft key locker controller and self-service Rental Payment center.  The Pilot Interface is also the primary source of pilot account and rental history data as well as a personal information update platform.