Paperless141 Enterprise

Our premium Paperless141 Enterprise system is the full featured version of our industry leading Paperless141 system.  The Enterprise level system is designed to run operations ranging from flying clubs all the way up to large Part 61 and Part 91 flight schools.  Full management and control over the entire operations include student administration, training records, course administration and built-in syllabi, stage exams, aircraft maintenance and tracking, full accounting support for students, instructors, mechanics, administrative staff, on-line scheduling for aircraft resources, instructors, facilities and non-aircraft resources.

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The Paperless141 Enterprise system provides full administrative support for automated pilot billing, payment processing, pilot recency, currency and proficiency management, insurance qualification management, documentation processing, and package deal and/or block rate management. Fully automated pilot medical administration inclusive of support for basic med and pilot certifications not requiring medical certifications.  Comprehensive manage of TSA and SEVIS VISA compliance requirements.  Built-in Point of Sale support for pilot supplies and other retail sales with automated cash drawer control.  Optional fully automated aircraft dispatch functions with electronically controlled aircraft key vending.  Integrated Credit Card processing inclusive of full scale electronic payment support such as lightning-fast EMV® transactions, NFC for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay as well as full digital signature capture support. Aircraft/simulator rental and dispatch management, Non-aircraft resource and facility reservation and management.  Multiple platform auto synchronized scheduling for all resources and personnel available 24/7 on any modern smart device. Complete support for Part 61 and Part 141 school operations with built-in Pilot Certification Training inclusive of full course syllabi for all ratings ranging from Sport pilot through all CFI Ratings for both fixed wing and rotorcraft-Helicopter, including integrated stage exams and complete detailed lesson grading and maneuver proficiency tracking.  Complete pilot endorsement administration and controls as well as in-depth Part 141 controls for automated regulatory compliance.  Dedicated Part 141 specific reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements and FAA inspection protocols.  Aircraft maintenance operations for internal and external aircraft, Inspection tracking and forecasting, AD and SB tracking and forecasting, Card and Phase Maintenance tracking, multifaceted graphical reporting of all maintenance related events.  Navigation database administration.  Graphical and tabular fleet status reporting optionally inclusive of external aircraft.  Parts inventory control and part Sales support.  Maintenance labor allocation tracking and billing.  Work Order processing and reporting.