Paperless141 Essentials

Paperless141 Essentials is a streamlined reflection of our industry leading full scope Paperless141 system.  We discovered that many potential flight school and flying club clients really did not need the full scope of our revolutionary Paperless141 Enterprise systems.  In some cases these potential clients just opening their doors and beginning to grow.  In some cases these operators already have other methodologies in place for certain aspects of their operations and thus only need our basic system functions.  Often we found newly established operators that just were not yet in a position of having a fully established school deployment, but were in need of supporting their existing operations with a clear path to expanded support in the future as their enterprise expanded and grew. 

The Paperless141 Essentials system provides full administrative support for automated pilot billing, payment processing, resource rental management, aircraft maintenance operations, aircraft & instructor scheduling as well as complete pilot & instructor documentation and record keeping.  Integrated Credit Card processing inclusive of full scale electronic payment support such as lightning-fast EMV® transactions, NFC for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay as well as full digital signature capture support. Aircraft/simulator rental and dispatch management, Non-aircraft resource and facility reservation and management.  Multiple platform auto synchronized scheduling for all resources and personnel available 24/7 on any modern smart device. Aircraft maintenance operations for internal and external aircraft, Inspection and AD tracking, graphical reporting of all maintenance related events.  Fleet status reporting optionally inclusive of external aircraft.  We know in some cases such as flying clubs, there may not be a need to fully support lesson plans, track student lesson progress, administer stage exams and manage TSA and SEVIS VISA compliance.  The Paperless141 Essentials system platform allows for direct support for these more purposeful clients.  The system is easily expandable to the highly well-known and regarded Enterprise level Paperless141 system when, and if, the client so desires.