Accounts and Billing Center

Basic Account data

Renter, Student and Company accounts

TSA and FAA compliance tracking and reporting

Full accounts, credit limits

Membership billing for Clubs

Manage Instructor compensation by Tier, Group, Location, Instructor

TSA and FAA compliance

Full online reporting on Renter, Groups, Instructors

QuickBooks Desktop interface for high (1000+ month) transaction volume

Custom Web Services for external data integration

Generate and mail invoices and account statements.

Payment reporting (Cash, Credit Card, Wire etc)

Integrated Credit Card Billing, PCI-DSS compliant, no data stored on customers behalf, no liabilities because of Credit Card data storage.

Merchant services integration with Global Payments (CAYAN) and US BANK

Stax by Fattmerchant integration for Credit cards and ACH processing

Billing Tiers per Aircraft, Instructor, Student. You define according to your needs.

Custom Colleague© interface for Colleges and Universities.

API functions for full CRM integration