Scheduling Center

ICalendar integration (integrated online Calendar Server)

Google Calendar Integration

Self Checkin and Self Checkout with Flight and Instructor billing

Email and SMS notifications for made, changed or cancelled schedules

Recurring schedules

Document storage for operator and TSA / FAA complience

‘Ride along’ booking

Aircraft maintenance status and compliance check

Insurance and operator driven Pilot and Instructor authorization for aircraft (make and model time requirements, dual vs. single, chief pilot checkout, etc)

Horizontal and Vertical display preferences

Advanced resource filtering, see only the resources you need, to ‘unclutter’ your display

Color coded activities (you define)

Color coded ‘Checked Out’, ‘Checked In indicators’

Squawk recording, display and management for AMT responses.

Maintain strict aircraft service interval requirements, AD reminders.

Multi Airport and Location options

Full Dispatcher Function

Dispatch function